Bluehost Review

Even with the basic web hosting plan, customers get unlimited bandwidth and disk space, 5 add-on domains, 1000 FTP accounts, 20 sub-domains, MySQL database and support to PHP, CGI, Perl and the support to necessary web technologies such as FrontPage, which are helpful in website development.

Customers are also given access to admin section via the classy cPanel, which is one of the hottest choices these days. What’s more, BlueHost also offers free website builder and other free add-on tools such as one-click installations via Fantastico.

One of the best things about BlueHost is indeed their impeccable customer support and highly reliable web hosting services, which guarantee a very high percentage of uptime.

Thousands of website owners have found it worth their money to rely on BlueHost to keep their peace of mind in tact, because BlueHost has always ensured that downtimes don’t stretch beyond an hour at the most! This simply means even if you’ve a very high traffic blog or an online store hosted on BlueHost, you can sleep peacefully without really worrying about loss of sales.

Above all, BlueHost has been in the market since last 13years, so you don’t really need to worry about the safety of your website. They’ve incurred very high profits in the last 4-5years, and their sales are increasing even during the peak months of recession.

Apart from the shared web hosting, they also offer premium and reseller web hosting services to the business owners, and they’ve got web hosting plans to cater to the needs of all types of customers. The nearly-countless testimonials on their website clearly indicate the level of satisfaction of their existing clients.

BlueHost is also known for being supportive to green hosting, and ensuring high privacy of website data of their customers. They have not been accused of hosting any malware or spamming sites and this makes them all the more dependable.

The only downside of their services is lack of unlimited MySql databases and limitation of number of add-on/sub domains that can be hosted with their basic web hosting package.

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