What Will Be The Web Development Trends In 2019?

Within the past few years, the world of web witnessed several outstanding transformations which revolutionized the whole concept of web experience. Things took a major turn with the implementation of mobile-friendly websites and when Google interfered into it. In 2015, Google wanted all websites to be mobile-friendly for better UI. The webmasters did so with the expectation to survive their online business as without transforming the websites into responsive, they couldn’t maintain the search ranks as well.

In addition to that, the influx of creative approach leads to optimize websites, web designing, development, content, and everything to a newer direction. Website users are thankful for that for shifting the trends and making the websites so creatively attractive. At present, for any web designer, developer, SEO professional or a content writer, it has become a challenge to live up to the user’s expectations.

Here, we’re about to take a quick ride to the web development trends of 2018—

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) has already been famous in 2017. According to speculations, the advanced mobile website application will rule the industry for its widespread features enough to fuel user intelligence and experience. These appear to be mobile applications to the smartphone users but these are web pages in a true sense. The numerous features have kept PWA still on top of web development trends in 2018 too per experts. It allows users to work offline, receive the push notifications, instant loading and more. It has been beneficial for both the users as well as the developers.

Single-page website

After creating a huge hype this year, the trend of single-page website will also continue in 2018 as well. Users can easily scroll down the page catering all pages, units, content separately yet on the same page. Though created to make it easier for the mobile users, but this has also been highly accepted for the laptop or PC users as well.

Static websites will remain

Still popular among economic website owners, static websites serve their purpose for sharing information. These are still cheaper and load quickly.

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